are you ready to remember how to...

awaken your inner healer (feeling presence / emotional intelligence) and strengthen your masculine container (mental awareness / intellectual intelligence) so that you can heal the traumas, childhood wounds, fear, and false matrix programming that keep you disembodied, disconnected, numb, stuck and feeling as though you're missing something in life?

If so, you will also remember how to:

  • redefine your relationship with Cannabis from recreational to ceremonial
  • activate your lightbody (ascension vehicle)
  • rebirth your trauma self into your HIGHer self
  • restore pelvic alignment and flexibility
  • regulate your nervous system and exit the chronic fight-flight-freeze
  • activate dormant DNA and brain cells
  • navigate the ascension process and lessen ascension symptoms
  • access ancient knowledge, ancestral wisdom and the Akashic Records in your body
  • conquer your EGO's fears, defense systems, coping mechanisms and trauma reactions
  • reclaim your divinity and multidimensional sovereignty
  • and MORE!

It would be my HIGHest honor to guide you home to your HIGHer Self.

private virtual ceremonies

Divine Intervention Call

Do you feel called to REMEMBER how to heal yourself? During our hour together, you will have the opportunity to be seen, heard, ask questions and remember how Cannabis can be your greatest ally in healing the stuck vibrational frequencies that keep you stuck in fight-flight-freeze and the endless cycle of pain and suffering. You'll receive guidance on where and how to begin your journey home to your HIGHer Self and HIGHer Consciousness.

Meet Your Temple Body

In this 3-HR Sacred Cannabis Ceremony, you will be guided from your head to your womb where you will meet the 7 Shakti Activators that awaken your inner healer, Shakti. As you begin to remember how to use your inner technology to heal your temple body, you'll meet your masculine container, Shiva, who holds your mental awareness in your body as you transmute and heal the stuck vibrational frequencies (traumas, childhood wounds, fear, programming, suppressed emotions) that are physically manifesting as pain, restrictions, symptoms, recurring triggers and suffering.

Temple Body Alignment

Now that you've met your temple body, let's meet the core misalignment stored in your fascia. I'll guide you on a

death / rebirth journey as you use your womb technology to transmute the stuck vibrational frequencies creating the misalignment. You'll receive self-adjustments and remember how to reclaim space, power, safety, agency and control in your body as you shed the trauma selves (false identities created by your ego) that were preventing your HIGHer Self from being emBODIed.

*Prerequisite: Meet Your Temple Body

Integration Ceremony

Have you experienced a Temple Body, Womb Kriya or Sacred Secretion Ceremony and desire deeper integration? I've got you, and your womb! In this 1.5 hour ceremony, we will imbibe Cannabis sacredly (and rapé if you have some) and journey through the thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, stories, triggers and stuck energies that are arising to be met, felt, inner-stood and integrated deeper.

You'll receive a divine integration blueprint with take-away practices and rituals to implement in your daily self-healing practice.


Sacred Secretion Rebirth Cannabis Ceremony

Are you ready to rebirth yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically so you can return to your original multidimensional blueprint? In this sacred rite of passage, you'll be guided in a fully embodied Sacred Secretion Sequence that awakens your inner healer, unwraps the cosmic gift from your Sun sign, processes the psycho-somatic germ, unravels fascial distortions and pumps your sacred seed up your spine to be crucified before its 2.5 day hibernation period and the divine resurrection of your HIGHer Self.

*Prerequisite: Meet Your Temple Body (private or group)

Sacred Secretion Rebirth Psilocybin Ceremony

Have you been honoring your monthly Sacred Secretion and feel called to dive deeper? You'll be guided in a more advanced Sacred Secretion Sequence that awakens the birthing power in your womb to pop yourself through pain portals, activate DNA, purify your blood, pump your sacred oil up your spine for its crucifixion and your divine resurrection.

*Prerequisite: Sacred Secretion Rebirth Cannabis Ceremony


Make the HIGHest commitment to your HIGHer Self!

Do you feel called to commit to your Sacred Secretion and desire to be held accountable in a sacred container? Over these 5 months, you will remember how to honor your monthly ritual and rebirth yourself from your trauma self to your HIGHer Self.

*Prerequisite: Warrior Dragon SiStarhood

group virtual ceremonies

Womb Kriya Ceremony

Meet Your Temple Body

Rolling Pain Into Pleasure

Temple Breathwork & Womb Steam Ceremony



In this Blueprint, you'll remember how to begin honoring your monthly sacred rebirth with ancient practices that activate your craniosacral pump so that you can ascend your sacred oil and purification rituals to cleanse your holy temply body so that you don't destroy the oil and miss the gift from your Sun sign.

Without Karmamudra

(womb awakening)

No Mahamudra


– Tibetan Saint Naropa

Ready to REMEMBER how to HEAL yourself?

You'll receive knowledge and wisdom on how to awaken your inner healer, shed your pain body, activate your lightbody and live from your fully emBODIed HIGHer Self.

"The key to enLIGHTenment, authenticity and HIGHer consciousness is found in emBODIment."

©Dr. Shelly Persad 2024

"The key to enLIGHTenment, authenticity and HIGHer consciousness is found in emBODIment."

©Dr. Shelly Persad 2024