Do you feel STUCK

in your healing?

Have you tried talk therapy, traditional meditation techniques, healing modalities or plant medicine, yet you still feel STUCK in your healing or the same traumas, wounds, fear, stress, pain, symptoms and triggers keep arising?

Are you frustrated that your chiropractic adjustments don't HOLD?


No matter what pain, symptoms or traumas you have...

They are nothing more than stuck energies.

The PAIN of trauma is stored in your BODY.

The STORY of trauma is stored in your MIND.

Trauma has to be healed from both your body AND mind in order to retrieve your SOUL.

And I'm here to remind you that...

Only you can heal you!



Once a Chiropractor who removed interference in the nervous system so that the power that made the body could heal the body...

Now a Womb Shaman who guides you on the longest journey of your life - from your head to your womb - so you can awaken your inner healer (the power that made your body) and heal yourself.

I'm not a doctor or a shaman who is here to heal you. I'm here to remind you how to shed your pain body, activate your lightbody, and rebirth yourself from your trauma self to your HIGHer Self.

My medicine of choice is Cannabis, which when imbibed in sacred ceremony with an intention to FEEL & HEAL, is your greatest healing ally.


Your body was born with a built-in ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM whose soul purpose is to restore balance / equilibrium.

When Cannabis is consumed RECREATIONALLY, to check out, numb, escape, just to get 'high' or without a self-healing practice, her system attempts to restore balance but as soon as the 'high' wears off, so does the balance because the source of imbalance is still present in your BODY.

When Cannabis is imbibed CEREMONIALLY, with rituals and an intention to heal, her HIGHer Self guides you in feeling the stuck energies of the imbalance so you can transmute them, assisting your endocannabinoid system and reaping permanent benefits of the restored balance.


  • check in versus check out
  • go within yourself rather than escape yourself
  • feel your body rather than numb your body
  • heal your traumas and wounds rather than avoid them
  • resolve addiction rather than create addiction
  • free yourself from toxic behaviors, patterns, programs, and mindsets rather than enslave yourself to toxic behaviors, patterns, programs, and mindsets
  • retrieve your soul rather than deny your soul
  • remember who you are rather than be who you’re not

There's a reason her affect is called a 'HIGH'.

Cannabis HIGHtens your mind - body connection, the creation of new neural networks, energetic discharges of trauma, as well as your consciousness and vibrational frequency.

In all accounts of recorded history, shamanic healing was always done in a ritualistic fashion tied to spiritual practices with Cannabis.

Ancient healers found that Cannabis was an effective treatment for a multitude of different ailments, considering it a ‘miracle cure.'

But Cannabis does NOT heal you.

I guide you in remembering how to HEAL yourself in a HIGHtened state of consciousness.

Does Your Cannabis 'HIGH' Guide You To Your HIGHer Self & HIGHer Consciousness?

In Somatophobia, Dr. Shelly guides you on a journey of remembering how to awaken your inner healer (Shakti) and your masculine container (Shiva). When Shakti and Shiva unite as a team, they conquer the blockades (stuck energies) along your pathway of consciousness (found in your fascia) empowering you to reach your HIGHer potential.

You’ll remember how to heal your pain body, regulate your nervous system, balance your inner chemistry, activate dormant DNA, unlock innate intelligence, reclaim your divine sovereignty, awaken your lightbody, and MORE!



Do you struggle with womb symptoms such as PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, imbalanced hormones, painful sex, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, and a lack of libido, creativity, sensuality, intimacy, passion and purpose in life?

If so, I've crafted a step-by-step guide on how to meet Cannabis (and her HIGHer Self) ceremonially so that she can guide you in awakening your inner healer and healing your womb symptoms.


Wake up your inner healer and direct her into the places within you that are numb, stuck, restricted and blocked in this fully embodied ceremony.

All you need is Cannabis and non-slip resistance bands.

Ceremonies are every Saturday from 10:00 - 11:30 am Eastern.

Register with the gift code: Shakti


Are you ready to meet the Body - Mind Synchronization Framework that you can use in your daily self-healing practice?

In this sacred ceremony, you'll be guided on a journey from your head to your womb where you'll meet the 7 SHAKTI ACTIVATORS that awaken your inner healer - Shakti (AKA life force energy).

If Womb Kriyas move quick for you, this ceremony provides you with the foundational framework that you need to navigate a Womb Kriya Ceremony with ease.

Love Notes From Sisters

Ready to REMEMBER how to HEAL yourself?

You'll receive knowledge and wisdom on how to awaken your inner healer, shed your pain body, activate your lightbody and live from your fully emBODIed HIGHer Self.

"The key to enLIGHTenment, authenticity and HIGHer consciousness is found in emBODIment."

©Dr. Shelly Persad 2024

"The key to enLIGHTenment, authenticity and HIGHer consciousness is found in emBODIment."

©Dr. Shelly Persad 2024